Thursday, January 11, 2018


First, explain what a Cinemagraph is and the type of video you need to make it work. Breakdown the process of creating a cinemagraph into 4 simplified steps. Describe what you plan to accomplish in your first attempt. (ie., setting, subject, equipment, composition, movement, etc.). Explain the strengths and areas for improvement related to your first attempt. (6 sentence minimum)

 A cinemagraph is a picture with 1 particular moving motion that loops over and over again. You need Final Cut Pro to make cinemagraphs. Our first project in Digital Media is creating 3 differnt kinds of Cinemagraphs. First in creating one still image is you need a small easy scene that will have the same reapeating motion and it will look the same thing and keep on going. When making a cinemagraphs you can trim the clips and duplicated them couple times. Next now you gotta create a mask and start to trim the sides so one thing is moving in the cinemagraphs. Then you can make it into a gif and make it so the video or gif wont end. Now you can post it on social media.

This is my other cinemagraphs my partner dawson helped me make this.

This was taken outside of the library. Dawson is pouring the water while I set my phone on the stair recording. But my finger was in the way and I never noticed until I watched the video In class.

These are my 3 novice cinemagraphs. Its really basic and I needed alot of help with the editing and downloading since im not good with any technology. But thanks for some of friends of helping me, I got better ideas for next time on making a cinemagraphs. My last cinemagraph was bad becuase I chose the part when I was about to stop recording and just so happens my finger was In the way. I still got lot to learn when it comes to making cinemagraphs, and editing and whatnot. But Im slowly making progress.

ALD 4.1: Evaluate diverse processes of forming and conveying a targeted message.
ALD 4.2: Compare and contrast how various audiences perceive digital media to anticipate desired reactions and responses.